Our chance of inner evolution

Dear Friends

We are so lucky, being able to communicate through Facebook or other social media. 

Many of us, use Facebook  to post pictures of there daily life… but now, it is also a essential communication channel for all of us. 

We stay connected and we can express our thoughts, our worries and even our anger.

In consequence, we see, how important it is, what you spread in your Facebook account. 

For this  period, I would like to spread some thoughts of mine.  

We know, that the life of human being includes different energy levels. 

In martial arts we separate those energy levels:

  • Lower  Dantien, the etheric realm
  • Middle Dantien, the astral realm
  • Higher Dantien, the celestial realm

The lower  Dantien connects and controls the physical body and the body’s energy. 

The middle Dantien connects and controls the deep emotional aspects.

The higher Dantien connects  us to the spiritual world. 

The human being,  as a microcosmos, give us a hint, how we can treat this Corona situation.

Also now, we have three totally different aspects, to which we can pay intention. 

We strive for a balanced solution of all three energy levels (dantiens). 

Otherwise,  we could eventually miss the chance for a balanced learning process, and it is evident, that the human race has a chance of a inner evolution, not only a outer „Corona“ problem.

Therefore it could be a solution to look at each level: 

  1. There is the body level, that means we should do the most to strengthen our immune system.
    – Fresh air
    – Healthy food
    – Moderate physical training
    – Positiv mind state. 
  1. What can we learn within our deep emotional realm? 

That includes all the social contacts and the aspects of living together with other  human beings.
What can we learn on the level of communication with others? What can we do for a more harmonized cooperation between our family and friends? What is our part for a long-sighted dealing with our nature? What is my contribution to a the acceptable  treatment of all animals?  
Even though, the government claims for social distancing, I’m convinced, that we have to keep a close emotional contacts to family and friends. 

Then we also have the celestial realm, which has his own laws.

  1. We could use this situation to  build up a strong trust, that the spiritual world is helping us.                                            
    For centuries we have the confirmation of highly developed spiritual leaders, that the spiritual world is helping us and that Gaia should also evolve into a higher frequency. The time is ideal, to remember that we do not only have a body, emotions and a  intellect.
    We are spiritual beings, having  a physical body.
    We could now look more often in total silence to our inner world, which will then also answer to us. It is evident, that this inner work is not a matter of intellectual searching… we have to go beyond  brain functions. It is much more than „positiv thinking“ or praying, using mantras aso.
    It’s a inner exploration in a relaxed state of mind and with a joyful feeling and  with trust and a dynamic believe, that the higher world will give us answers  in total silence. 


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